Mission and Vision

Our Savior Lutheran Church works to make disciples of Christ by connecting people to God through worship, connecting people to each other in small groups, and connecting the unchurched world to Christ through servant teams.

Our mission/vision statement communicates a three-fold emphasis, outlining a clear path to discipleship:

Connecting to God: Worship together

  • Knowing God more deeply through His Word, Sacraments, Worship and Prayer.
  • Serving God as we use His gifts to His glory.

Connecting to Others: Learn and Grow together in small groups

  • Connecting to one another in meaningful relationships.
  • Loving one another by providing care, encouragement, and accountability.
  • Applying the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our lives in practical ways and praying together and for each other.
  • Examples of small groups: Kids Connect, Youth Groups, LWML, Bible studies and Growth Groups.

Connecting the World to Christ: Serve in Servant Teams

  • Serving the real needs of in our congregation and in our community
  • Sharing the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who don’t Him.
  • Supporting the growth of the Kingdom of God throughout the world.

Each emphasis of the mission statement gives regular attenders and members alike a different way to grow as a disciple of Christ. So we invite you to participate in all three areas: join us in worship, participate in one of our small groups and serve on one of our servant teams.