What We Believe


We believe that the only true God is the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, three distinct persons in one divine being (the Holy Trinity). The Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed and the Athanasian Creed are faithful explanations of the Biblical teaching of God’s triune nature. 


We believe God created the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, in the image of God. This image was lost when they disobeyed God and fell into sin. Sin has brought guilt and condemnation to all people. We believe that God desires all people to be saved and know the truth. God loves all people and wants them to come to love Him and each other. 

Jesus Christ

We believe that God so loved people that He sent His only Son Jesus to rescue us from our lost condition. Jesus Christ is both true God and true man. Jesus gave His life as the perfect sacrifice for our sins, resulting in our forgiveness and acceptance before God the Father. Those who believe and are baptized will be saved.


We believe all people are, by nature, spiritually blind and dead and therefore cannot by their own reason or strength believe in Jesus Christ as Lord or come to Him. Instead, the Holy Spirit calls us to faith by the Gospel. God the Holy Spirit earnestly wants to convert all people and bring them to salvation. However, many reject the Word and resist the Holy Spirit and therefore they remain in unbelief and under God's judgment by their own fault.

The Bible

We believe that the Bible is inspired, inerrant, trustworthy words of God written by men who were inspired by His Holy Spirit. We further believe Jesus Christ is the heart and center of the Scripture and therefore the key to its true meaning.


We believe that God claims us as His child by the power of the Holy Spirit through this sacrament. Every Christian is invited to return to their baptism, learning to die to self daily, moment by moment, and to rise again, a new creation in Christ. Those who can receive instruction are to be baptized after they have been instructed in the main articles of the Christian faith. Little children-including babies are to be baptized when they are brought to Baptism by those who have authority over them.

Lord Supper

In Holy Communion, Jesus offers believers His own true body and blood with the bread and wine to eat and drink. In Holy Communion God offers believers the forgiveness of sins and increases the depth of their faith.

The Church

We believe that through the church God equips and empowers believers to serve Him by serving others and sharing the good news about Jesus. It is not good for people to live in isolation. The Christian faith is best lived in close relationships with other people ~ i.e. Small Groups. God has uniquely gifted each person to do good works which He expects His children to do. God intends for us to share His love with nonbelievers and believers alike through intentional relationships.

End Times

We believe Christ will return visibly and with great glory on the Last Day to judge the world. Unbelievers will rise to shame and torment in hell forever. Believers will rise with glorified bodies and enter everlasting life in heaven with God.