Children and youth in grades 5-12 serve in worship services by lighting and extinguishing the candles as well as serving as crucifer during processionals.
Contact:  Pastor Jon Oetting

Early Communion and Confirmation
Early Communion classes are generally offered to fifth and sixth graders. Youth Confirmation is generally comprised of seventh and eigth graders who study the Bible, Luther's Small Catechism. Confirmation is traditionally held in May or June.

Food Pantry
Youth and their families are welcome to assist in the work of the food pantry.
Contact: Tom Duncan

Youth Groups - Jr High and High School
Open to all Junior High and High School students, this group meets regularly each month for Bible study at 10:30 am. Other activities are planned throughout the year. Spiritual growth, faith strengthening and fellowship through various activities and programs. Youth participate in major outings during the summer on a rotating basis over a period of three years. Past youth events and trips include the LCMS National Youth Gathering, Idaho Servant Adventures and Rock-N-Water Christian Camp in California. The purpose of the youth group is to involve our youth in the ministry of our congregation, help them learn to serve and give them an opportunity to grow more Christ-like.
Contact: Chera Wolfe